The UK agriculture and horticulture sector faces an exciting, yet challenging, future. Its goal is to produce safe and nutritious food that meets the needs of a growing population. It also needs to be sustainable, using modern technology and practices to help the environment.

There are a wide range of careers available, and work for farmers and growers can be hugely rewarding. As well as producing crops or rearing animals, jobs also include those that specialise in engineering, technology, science, research, and business.

Whether you’re starting out in your career, wanting to progress to the next level or looking for a change, there’s something to suit everyone. And you don’t need to be from a farming background either.

We’ve taken a look at some exciting jobs available in farming! Why not see if you’ve got what it takes? 

Fruit Manager - Emily

Emily didn’t think she’d ever work in horticulture, but when she saw an exciting graduate training programme through Management Development Services (MDS), she decided to give it a go. 

The programme gave her the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge through paid work-placed training, which ignited her passion for the industry.

Now working as fruit manager for a horticulture business that produces delicious berries for leading UK supermarkets, Emily talks about why she loves her career, the technology she uses and why her job helps make a positive impact on the environment.  

Have you thought of taking an apprenticeship?
Apprenticeships are an excellent way to jumpstart your career. You'll be able to learn job-specific skills and gain valuable practical experience in a professional setting.
Get paid as you earn!
As well as learning, you'll also be employed and receive a wage, along with holiday pay. Depending on the level of apprenticeship, they can take 1 to 5 years to complete. Apprenticeship salaries range from £100 to £200 per week, and some employers provide financial support for transport costs. As a bonus, you'll avoid paying tuition fees.
Gain on-job experience
By working alongside experienced staff, you'll gain industry-specific knowledge and invaluable skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. This makes you more competitive and employable in the job market.
Great employment options
Apprentices report many benefits of learning on the job, with 90% staying in employment after they finish their apprenticeship. 92% say their career prospects have improved. (Education and Skills Funding Agency 2018) With the added support of an employer and trainer, you'll get the most out of your apprenticeship.

Roots to success: stories from agriculture and horticulture professionals

Our “Roots to success” blog showcases the inspiring stories of people working in the UK’s agriculture and horticulture industries. We aim to highlight the incredible talent and innovation emerging from these sectors and encourage others to explore exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. Through this blog, we’ll provide a platform for sharing experiences and insights and celebrating the achievements of those working in this vital industry. 

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