TIAH is on an exciting journey to become the home of skills, careers and professionalism in agriculture and horticulture.


Our vision

To improve agriculture for the benefit of the public at large by the provision of education, training, advice, and information for people working in agriculture. 

Our aims

TIAH will inform, inspire and co-ordinate the industry’s approach to skills to:

  • Embed a culture of lifelong learning and continuing professional development
  • Drive greater uptake of training
  • Promote agriculture as a progressive, professional, and exciting career choice
View of Tractor over Yellow Fields
View of Tractor over Yellow Field (Cropped)
Farmer Holding Seeds (Cropped)
Farmer Holding Seeds

Our journey so far

During 2020, the idea of a professional body for agriculture and horticulture was led by the Agri-Hort Skills Leadership Group (SLG). This involved many industry organisations. 

As industry and government support grew, the SLG became the more formal TIAH Development Board in November 2020.  

Lord Curry of Kirkharle is TIAH’s Founding President and Project Sponsor. David Fursdon is Board Chair. Janet Swadling is Project Director.


Numerous organisations are contributing to TIAH’s development. More than 25 sit on the TIAH consultation group and working groups. They provide essential guidance and feedback to our board.

We are keen to partner with any other organisations interested in our work. Please contact us at [email protected]  

Sheep Being Herded
Farmers Rearing Sheep (Cropped)

Frequently asked questions

Agriculture and horticulture is transforming. Farmers and growers want to ensure their businesses are profitable and sustainable for the future while addressing environmental concerns.  

At all levels of the industry, success will require a sufficient workforce with the appropriate skills. Business owners and their employees will need to confirm and enhance their existing skills and, in many cases, acquire new ones.  

The industry has recognised the need to transform the current fragmented approach to skills and training. There is strong support across industry for TIAH.

Everyone who can benefit or support skills development in agriculture and horticulture, including: 

  • The agriculture and horticulture industry: employees and employers and industry organisations 
  • Training providers 
  • Teachers and career advisers 
  • Prospective new entrants to the industry, including those leaving school, college or university and career-changers 

Businesses with competent people will produce more and do so in a more environmentally and welfare friendly way. Being professional is about being competent and being able to demonstrate this to a wider audience. 

It is important that agriculture and horticulture are recognised as a professional industry. It will show it is well organised and highlight opportunities for new talent. TIAH will help raise the industry’s profile, so it is seen as on a par with others. 

All of our work will enhance, rather than replace, what is already available. This is about partnership with others already working in the field.