TIAH Essential Skills

We’ve identified three priority areas where good practice is integral to successful agricultural and horticultural (farming) businesses:  

  • Health & Safety  
  • Animal Health and Welfare  
  • Biosecurity   
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All farm workers need to understand these issues to ensure the industry’s continued improvement. 

To support this, we’re developing a user-friendly and accessible Essential Skills programme which is easy to access and delivered online. The programme will allow learners to gain and refresh knowledge at their own pace. There’ll be two levels of learning, one for operators and another for supervisors and managers. 

We’re doing this in collaboration with industry experts.  

Aims of each of the Essential Skills programmes 


Health & Safety

  • To increase the uptake of health and safety training across the industry  
  • To develop positive behavioural change to improve health and safety on farm 
  • To promote compliance with best practices for health and safety  
  • To improve health and safety statistics on farms   
  • To support health and safety improvements and record-keeping   
  • To achieve a positive sense of health and safety on farm  

Animal Health and Welfare

  • To increase awareness of the issues around animal health and welfare, including animal biosecurity  
  • To promote and improve compliance with animal health and welfare regulations  
  • To improve recognition and delivery of animal health and welfare best practice   


  • To increase awareness and understanding of biosecurity, and the implications of poor biosecurity 
  • To increase understanding of the importance of preventing, detecting, and responding to harmful organisms  
  • To ensure all farm workers understand personal biosecurity measures  
  • To ensure continued biosecurity measures to prevent new pests and diseases 
  • To protect the economic and environmental benefits of healthy plants and animals