Five reasons to consider a career in agriculture or horticulture

Flora and matt operate a sheep race

Are you unsure about what career path to take? Have you considered a career in farming or growing? If not, you might be missing an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling profession.

Agriculture and production horticulture are crucial industries that lay a vital role in our daily lives. They are responsible for providing us with food, clothing and other essential materials. Without them, we would not be able to survive.

1. Providing nutritious food

With the growing demand for healthy and sustainable food, farming and growing is key to meeting these needs. People will always need healthy and nutritious food, and it is the job of those in agriculture to provide it. There will always be a need for farmers, horticulturists and other professionals in these industries.

2. Wide range of career options

Whether you are interested in science, engineering, animals or business or you just fancy the idea of working outside, there is a career in farming and growing that will suit you. You could become a plant breeder, soil scientist, agronomist, herdsperson or agricultural engineer! The possibilities are endless.

3. Cool technology

Advancements in robotics, sensors and data analytics are improving the efficiency and sustainability of farming practices, making it easier to grow more food with fewer resources. By working in these industries, you can be part of the innovative technologies shaping the future of food and plant-based products.

4. Sense of community

Farmers and agricultural workers often work closely together, sharing knowledge, resources and support. Moreover, many organisations and associations support and promote the industry, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.

5. Protecting the planet

How we produce and consume food has a significant impact on our planet and, by working in these industries, you can be part of the solution. You can help develop new and pioneering ways of growing environmentally friendly food while providing healthy and nutritious food worldwide.

A career in farming and growing can be a highly rewarding and fulfilling choice. So, if you have a passion for plants, food and the environment, consider exploring the many career paths available in agriculture and production horticulture