National Apprenticeships Week 2022

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National Apprenticeship Week took place from February 7th to February 13th, 2022, and we participated in the week-long celebration of apprenticeships.

The theme of the 15th year celebrations was “Build The Future,” highlighting how a diverse range of apprenticeship programmes equips exceptional people with vital skills and knowledge on the route to job prospects.

By choosing the apprenticeship path, you gain vital on-the job training, a nationally recognised qualification and paid employment among many other benefits! If you’re interested in kicking off your career find or  how an apprenticeship might benefit your business vist:


TIAH recently asked students from Kendal College about their experience of studying an apprenticeship and balancing work with study. We asked them why an apprenticeship was the right choice for them and what makes it different from classroom focused learning.

Listen to Jessica Elwood from Cumbria tell us about her apprenticeship story. 

What apprenticeships are available in Agriculture and Horticulture?

Agriculture or horticulture professional adviser (level 6)

  • Advice and  technical advice to help farmers grow their crops, in compliance with laws and regulations, based on the latest scientific knowledge and environmental requirements.  Find out more here 

Arborist (level 2)

  • Maintaining trees and shrubs, using chemicals, repairing, wiring, fertilizing, watering, pruning, removal of dead trees, sick trees, and other shrubs. Find out more here 

Countryside ranger (level 4)

  • Provide day-to-day management, maintenance, conservation and protection of the natural environment. Find out more here

Crop technician (level 3)

  • Optimize crop/plant yield while maintaining and improving the environment. Find out more here

General farm worker (level 2)

Horticulture or landscape operative (level 2) 

  • Planning and maintenance of large gardens, parks and other green spaces. Find out more here

Land-based service engineer (level 2) 

  • Maintaining a range of machinery, plant and equipment in one sectors such as agriculture, forestry and horticulture. Find out more here

Land-based service engineer (level 3) 

  • Providing advanced technical support and guidance across a diverse range of plant and equipment in sectors such as agriculture, horticulture, forestry and outdoor power. Find out more here

Livestock unit technician (level 3) 

Poultry technician (level 3) 

  • Raise animals in optimal health and take into account their needs throughout the different life stages Find out more here

Poultry worker (level 2) 

Poultry worker (level 2) 



MDS is a partnership of companies that aims to equip young people with the experience, training and mind-set so that they have the confidence and ability to rapidly become senior business leaders within the industry. 

Here we speak to Christine Tacon, Chair of MDS to explain how MDS makes apprenticeships accessible to member businesses 

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