Our services

We will make it easy for employers and employees to find suitable training options and develop their skills, careers and businesses.  Our services will include:

TIAH-Our Services
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Careers information

Information on the many jobs, the skills you will need and the opportunities to progress in your career.

This will be available to all those interested in jobs in farming and growing. 


Our online service will allow employers and employees to record their training and achievements.

This can be used to demonstrate compliance and will also help simplify audits and record keeping. 

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Labour market information

We will provide HR and personnel development support to small and medium sized businesses.

We will gather reliable data on the labour market, workforce needs and skills gaps. 

Professional framework

We are setting up a competency framework which will define the important skills needed for different jobs in farming and growing.

We will help employers have more say in future training. 


TIAH will act as a co-ordinating force, ensuring that up-to-date knowledge of policy and regulations, as well as new and innovative farming and growing practices, are shared throughout the industry.

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