The UK agriculture and horticulture sector faces an exciting, yet challenging, future. Its goal is to produce safe and nutritious food that meets the needs of a growing population. It also needs to be sustainable, using modern technology and practices to help the environment.  


There are a wide range of careers available, and work for farmers and growers can be hugely rewarding. As well as producing crops or rearing animals, jobs also include those that specialise in engineering, technology, science, research, and business. 

In fact, careers in agriculture and horticulture don’t just stop at the farm gate! They cover the entire food chain from production, through to processing, marketing, and retail. 

Whether you’re starting out in your career, wanting to progress to the next level or looking for a change, there’s something to suit everyone. And you don’t need to be from a farming background either.

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These pages will become a central hub of information to support you, whether you’re a career seeker or career professional. We’ll help to tackle common misconceptions and give you an insight into an exciting industry that works alongside nature whilst being led by science and technology.