Green Careers Week

Green Careers Week

Running from 6 to 11 November 2023, the second National Green Careers Week aims to promote careers which help to protect and restore the planet.

Growing a better environment

Few industries carry as much responsibility for protecting the environment as farming and growing.

And with so many people worried about climate change, we wanted to champion the incredible work agriculture and horticulture are doing to conserve the landscape and protect wildlife while also feeding the nation.

Take our quiz to test your knowledge about the skills needed to be a farmer or grower and how sustainability is a key part of the role. Find out more about how staff at all levels in agriculture and horticulture are improving the environment.

Or scroll down to find out what real farmers and growers think about the green responsibilities of their jobs.

Sharing the responsibility

Environmental responsibilities are shared across all levels of workers in agriculture and horticulture.

Our job profiles provide a wealth of information about the work - including in terms of the environment - each role in farming and growing takes on.

Find out some quick examples of the duties taken on by operators, supervisors and managers in our summaries here, or get more information on specific roles by looking through our job profiles.
Find out more about the duties a typical farm worker will perform which help towards environmental goals.
Supervisors have a range of tasks that contribute towards improving the environment and protecting wildlife.
Get a taste for the duties managers in farming and growing take on to protect our environment.

Farmers and growers' green goals


Find out how Emily is working to save water and prevent floods.


Will is working hard to help his local wildlife to thrive around his farm.


Lewis explains how he's improving the environment around his farm.

More on green careers in farming and growing

Agriculture has a huge part to play in the fight against climate change. Find out more about the work farmers and growers are doing on this front.
Tenant farmer Fay tells us about her green career, and how her farm is helping the local wildlife.
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