TIAH training map

TIAH training map

Use our training map to find the training providers you need to help fill your learning gaps.
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There's a wealth of training providers offering courses to advance your skills and improve your knowledge. However, finding suitable providers near you is not always easy. 

Our map below helps you find training providers in your area who offer courses to meet your needs in line with the core and specialist competencies on the TIAH Capability Framework.

Simply search the map below to find out more information on the providers featured. If you're a training provider and would like to have your details added or amended, please complete this form.

And if you're looking for training options to help you progress, then we've made this guide choosing the training provider that's right for you.

Map key

Verified training provider pin.
Orange pins denote training providers whose details, courses and insurance status have been verified by us
Unverified training provider pin.
Pink pins denote training providers which have not yet confirmed their information
Training provider pin.
Dark blue pins denote training providers whose details and courses have been confirmed by us
Group of training providers.
Light blue circles show groups of up to 10 training providers
Large group of training providers.
Yellow circles show groups of more than 10 providers

With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right training provider for your needs. We outline some key factors to consider when choosing a training provider.  

We're working with the agriculture and horticulture industry to develop a capability framework specifically for farming and growing.