Farmers on a training course at Vicky Anderson Training, Northallerton. Graeme Gill (right) and Bede Wilkinson. Picture: John Eveson.

TIAH Essential Skills

TIAH Essential Skills

We're providing online learning opportunities to existing and new farmers and growers, to continually improve skills and knowledge.
Farmers on a training course at Vicky Anderson Training, Northallerton. Graeme Gill (right) and Bede Wilkinson. Picture: John Eveson.
Everyone needs to be conscious of the risks of working with large machinery on-farm. Picture: Ruth Downing.

Essential Skills Learning Paths

Our Essential Skills Learning Paths have been designed to help you get a solid foundation of core knowledge.

Made up of a series of modules or learning resources, these paths allow new entrants, operators, supervisors and managers to develop or refresh knowledge and skills as needed.

What's more, our Learning Hub monitors your progress through each module and path. This means you can stop them at any time and resume them whenever's right for you, ensuring you can learn at your own pace.

And when you complete a Learning Path, you'll be awarded a certificate documenting your success. Even better, this is automatically saved in your secure Learning Record, allowing you to keep all your training achievements in one place so you can easily evidence your abilities for any job interview of compliance inspection.

Improve your hazard recognition and risk management, and discover best practice on reporting incidents.
Master the essential skills and knowledge crucial for working safely in an agricultural environment.
Find out about organisms that can harm plants and animals and how pests and diseases are spread.
This learning path is aimed at anyone working with livestock, including livestock keepers and farmers.
Develop your coaching skills so you can improve employee productivity and staff retention.
This module makes learning key accounting terms simple and includes activities to develop your skills.
Learn why conflict happens and how to turn disagreements into opportunities for constructive dialogue.
This learning path guides you on working through conflict to achieve positive outcomes.
Learn about the traits of great communicators and how you can improve your own abilities.

Essential Skills modules

All of our modules have been designed to be self-contained learning experiences, meaning you don't need to start a whole Learning Path to get to the specific content you're looking for.

Our innovative Learning Hub automatically records your progress on any module, so you can step away from your learning safe in the knowledge that the system will take you right back to where you were when you come back.
Communication skills are essential for any business, particularly when they're facing new challenges.

Standalone modules

While all our modules can be taken individually, some are not a part of any Learning Path. These standalone modules provide quick, consice and complete learning on smaller subjects.
Find out more about the listening process and how you can improve your active listening skills.

Thanks to our partner organisations

Our Essential Skills modules have been created in collaboration with a range of industry partners, including: