About us

About us

TIAH is the home of skills, careers and professionalism in agriculture and horticulture. Our main goal is to help people develop and their businesses succeed, allowing the industry to thrive.
We're working to help everyone in farming and growing to build their skills and fulfil their potential.
We're working to help everyone in farming and growing to build their skills and fulfil their potential.
If you own or work in an agriculture or horticulture business, we provide tailored advice and the practical tools needed to help you develop skills and lifelong learning.

If you'd like to work in farming or growing, we're the gateway to advice, support, and training you'll need to pursue a rewarding career.

Our aims

We're informing, inspiring and coordinating the industry’s approach to skills to:
  • Embed a culture of lifelong learning and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 
  • Drive greater uptake of training 
  • Promote agriculture and horticulture as a progressive, professional, and exciting career choice
TIAH is helping everyone in agriculture and horticulture to plan their continuing professional development.

Why is TIAH needed?

Agriculture and horticulture are undergoing big changes.

For agricultural and horticultural businesses to stay profitable, sustainable, and contribute positively to the environment, it's vital that individuals confirm and enhance their existing skills and acquire new ones.

But the way the industry approaches skills and training is fragmented, so we need some serious change. That's why we're bringing skills and training together, making career development simpler and more accessible.

The people behind TIAH

We're grateful to have the support of 26 organisations from across the agriculture and horticulture industry, which are members of our Consultation Group.

Chaired by David Fursdon, our Board boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience across agriculture, horticulture and the supply chain.

Our staff are commited to helping all workers in agriculture and horticulture strengthen their skills, improve their learning and manage their CPD needs.

Join our team

Are you looking for your next challenge? TIAH is seeking professionals who want to make a real difference to farmers and growers in England.

Skills, careers and professionalism

Our Strategic Plan for 2021 to 2026 sets out the route to achieving our ambitions as the home of skills, careers and professionalism for agriculture and horticulture.