Growing the
future together
Nurturing the
future together

We are agriculture and horticulture's professional body.

We’ll be the home of skills and careers support, to help people and businesses fulfil their potential and the industry thrive.  

We’ll be there to support everyone working in agriculture or horticulture in England. We’ll provide all the tailored advice and practical tools you’ll need for a prosperous future. 

If you want to work in farming and growing, we’ll give you all the advice and information you’ll need to pursue a rewarding career.


The need for TIAH

The agriculture and horticulture industry is changing.  

Farmers and growers want to ensure their businesses are profitable and sustainable for the future. At the same time, they’ll need to tackle environmental concerns.   

Success requires enough workers with the appropriate skills to provide safe and nutritious food for all. Farmers and growers will need to enhance their existing skills and, in many cases, acquire new ones. 

Our industry has recognised the need to transform the current fragmented approach to skills and training. There’s strong support across industry and government for TIAH. 

Our focus is currently for people living or working in England. We’ll work with:  

  • Farmers, growers and industry organisations  
  • Training providers  
  • Teachers and career professionals  
  • Prospective new entrants to the industry, including those leaving school, college or university and career-changers
Orange Pumpkins Lying on The Ground

Strategic Plan 2021-2026

We have launched our first five-year strategy.