Oxford Inspire group meets to discuss research plans.

Policy and research

Policy and research

We aim to lead and co-ordinate action in keys areas to support a thriving agriculture and horticulture industry.
Our activities are always evidence-based, using information from our own and others’ research. 
Oxford Inspire group meets to discuss research plans.


Basing our actions on research findings lets us understand how we can act for positive change, whether by supporting farmers, growers and new entrants directly, informing government policy, or helping training providers develop new programmes. 
Currently, our two main areas of focus are: 

Building the capacity and capability of the workforce in farming and growing.

Co-ordinating an industry-wide plan to improve careers information and attract more people to the industry.


We're collaborating with farmers, growers, researchers, universities, colleges and charities to tackle issues around skills, careers and labour in farming and growing. But we are also looking to forge new partnerships too.

Find out how your expertise and knowledge can help shape the future of skills, knowledge and training in agriculture and horticulture.

We're working with researchers and industry experts to plot how skill sets in farming and growing will evolve. Find out more and apply to join our specialist group.