Disciplinary Toolkit

Disciplinary Toolkit

This toolkit details the process for handling the investigation, meetings and hearings around any incidents, complaints or allegations agains staff.
It is important to maintain a professional manner throughout any disciplinary procedure.. Picture: John Eveson.

Aims of this toolkit

Regardless of the type of misconduct or behaviour, it is important for employers to act lawfully and follow a strict legal process when conducting disciplinary procedures to avoid the risk of tribunal claims for unfair dismissal.

This toolkit simplifies and defines the disciplinary process by setting out a step-by-step guide to handling issues, providing a fully customisable policy, plus procedure, guidance, and forms.

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Navigate around the toolkit

Having a thorough and fair process is essential when handling any disciplinary issues. Find out how you can best plan to handle a formal disciplinary investigation by starting with Stage 1: Investigating the issue

You can also navigate to any other part of the process by clicking on the graphic.

Thanks to our partner organisation

This toolkit was made in association with human resources specialist HR Blossoms.

All the guidance is written in accordance with the legal standards of recruitment in England at the time of publishing. In the case of any uncertanties, farmers and growers are advised to seek additional guidance from a trusted, experienced professional.