Wellbeing hub

Wellbeing hub

We're working with partners across the industry to bring support materials and resources into one place, making it easier for you to find any assistance you might need.
Charities and partner organisations are working together to improve wellbeing services for farmers and growers.

Make the call

Don't be put off by wondering which organisation to call. If you're struggling with something then the important thing is to simply get in touch with one of them. They're all ready to listen and keen to help. The important thing is to make that first call.
These groups are all doing incredible work helping farmers and growers across the country and raising awareness of the difficulties everyone in the industry faces on a day-to-day basis.
We're bringing together highlights of their work and linking to useful resources they've produced all on this page, helping you quickly and easily find the information you need.

Mind Your Head

It's not uncommon to feel high levels of stress in farming and growing. As such, it's important to find ways to help you handle that pressure and understand there are a lot of organisations out there ready to help.

The Farm Safety Foundation has been talking to farmers and growers about their experiences with mental health and presenting their stories in its Mind Your Head campaign.

Watch Dan's story, or go to the Yellow Wellies YouTube page for more real stories.

Balance and burnout

The Farming Community Network (FCN) has been working hard to help farmers and growers recognise the need to find a healthy work-life balance.

This video, from FCN FarmWell Award winner Scott Dewart, shows how he's set about finding a healthy balance on his farm.

Watch Scott's story, or go to the FCN YouTube page for more videos.

New ways to seek help

At the heart of farming, there’s always expert help on hand for as long as you need it. However tough it seems, RABI is here for the farming community across England and Wales with practical, financial and emotional support.

As part of this, RABI has developed online wellbeing services Qwell and Kooth, designed specifically for farmers and growers.

Both of these can help you send messages to experienced counsellors who are well informed about the challenges farmers and growers face.

You can find more wellbeing advice in RABI's videos on YouTube.

Simple steps to tackling stress

The RSABI has worked with former Royal Marines to help farmers, growers and crofters address mental health issues. 

As well as helping you improve your own mental health, the charity can provide financial support for essential items, advice if you're worried about someone else, and help on a range of other known stress issues.

RSABI has more videos on the benefits of talking over issues on its YouTube page.

Share the load

The DPJ Foundation offers 24/7 confidential counselling specifically for people who work in agriculture. 

It also provides mental health awareness training and courses to help understand bereavement and grief. 

Head to YouTube for more videos from the DPJ Foundation.

YANA is by your side

You Are Not Alone (YANA) is another charity which aims to support all farmers and growers whenever they need help.

YANA offers free, confidential support over the phone, providing farmers and growers help from people who understand the stresses and strains of the industry. You can call 0300 323 0400 or email [email protected] to be put in touch with their highly trained counselling specialists.

YANA has explored the difficulties of mental health in agriculture and horticulture in its videos on YouTube.


We're signposting to some of the brilliant support resources available in the industry here.
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We're creating more support, information and resources to help you better tackle the challenges you face.
There is a wealth of help available for those struggling with their own, or concerned about others', wellbeing. 

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