Look after your wellbeing

Look after your wellbeing

Farming and growing can be difficult, but plenty of help is available for farmers and growers concerned about their own, or others', wellbeing.
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Farming and growing, like many other industries, can be difficult. Factors such as pressures on costs, changing legislation, and staff shortages can all have a negative impact on an individual’s mental and physical wellbeing.  

Seeking help when you are struggling is never an easy task, regardless of the job you are in. Thankfully, there are a number of excellent organisations within the farming and growing industry which are ready and waiting to help you.  

Should I ask for help? My problems aren’t that serious, are they? Who do I ask for help? Can I afford to get help? What will other people think if I ask for help? When do I have time to go to the doctors?

These are all questions we know farmers and growers ask themselves, but they just delay people from getting the help they need. The answers will not be the same for everyone, but there is help for all, no matter their situation. Taking that first step is the key to a better future, and although it can be daunting, you can rest assured that you will be supported if you reach out.

Key points:  

Put yourself first

If you are struggling physically or mentally, your ability to be your best or to help others is reduced. Get help for yourself first.  

Do not wait

Sadly, many people wait until they are at crisis point before asking for help, which makes it harder. Asking for help early on can prevent a crisis from occurring later.  

Make contact

The first step can be the hardest when getting help, and you may not know who to contact. Reach out to organisations, and they will help you get the right support.  

Do not worry

Worrying about what others will think often prevents people from reaching out for help and can compound the problem. Nobody will judge you for asking for help.  

It’s all confidential

Nobody needs to know you are receiving support. 

Support is available

Below are just a few links to organisations that specifically help the farming and growing community. There are also many smaller, local charities working to support you. For a full list, visit The Prince's Countryside Fund

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution 

The RABI provides local support to the farming community across England and Wales. Established in 1860, the RABI has been offering guidance, financial support, and practical care to farming people of all ages for generations. 


YANA provides help for those involved in farming and other rural businesses affected by stress and depression. 

Farm Safety Foundation 

The Farm Safety Foundation works closely with Young Farmers’ Clubs, the Health and Safety Executive, the Farm Safety Partnership, and a range of farming organisations to help raise awareness of farm safety among young farmers, challenge and change attitudes towards farming safely and reduce the toll of injuries and fatalities which bring heartbreak and misery to numerous families and rural communities every year.  

Farm Community Network (FCN) 

More than 400 volunteers across England and Wales are members of the Farm Community Network. With an understanding of the sector, they provide free, confidential, pastoral, and practical support to anyone who seeks help. FCN runs a confidential national helpline (03000 111 999) and e-helpline ([email protected]) which is open every day of the year from 7am-11pm. 

For people outside of England, further help is available via:  

Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RASBI) 

RSABI provides vital emotional, practical, and financial support to people in Scottish agriculture.  

DPJ Foundation 

Supporting those in the agricultural sector with poor mental health by providing support, spreading awareness, and training those in farming to be aware of poor mental health and its impact within our communities.