Learn and develop

Learn and develop

Learning and development isn’t just important if you work in or want to work in farming – it's essential.
Find out how we can help you find the training you need to develop your knowledge and skills in farming and growing.
The agriculture and horticulture industry is changing all the time, whether because of changes in the environment, legal changes or because we think of new ways of working. 

This means you need to keep your skills and knowledge up to date, so you can do your job to the best of your ability. And if everyone who works in farming stays up to date, the industry will keep improving.

Keeping on top of your learning and development can help you to: 
  • Recognise what skills you already have
  • Understand what skills and knowledge are needed in your role
  • Figure out any gaps in your skills and knowledge
  • Help you to learn and develop
  • Help you to progress in your career
  • Be more productive and feel happy in your job

Helping you learn

We're working with the agriculture and horticulture industry to create a list of pages that should give you everything you need for your learning.

We'll update this if anything changes, so you'll always have the knowledge and skills to allow you to do your role well.

Included in these pages:

Find quick learning recommendations to help you develop your skills and fill any knowledge gaps.

Our personalised Learning Hub can help you improve your skills. Find out how to make the most of it here.

TIAH Essential Skills learning pathways tackle the critical subjects all farmers need to understand.

What does Continuing Professional Development (CPD) mean and find out how can TIAH help you.

Our map helps you find training providers near you who can help fill in any gaps in your knowledge and skills.

Learn about our Capability Framework and how it can help you develop your skills and training.

Find out more about these options, designed to help people make their first steps in farming and growing.

There is a wealth of help available for those struggling with their own, or concerned about others', wellbeing.