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Hiring for the long term

Hiring for the long term

Finding the right person to take on a role in your business can be an expensive and lengthy process. Find out what you can do to give yourself the best chance of success when hiring.
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Alistair Gibb hosted our webinar on recruiting staff.

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How to get started

Spending some time to set out what you need from a new employee, as well as what you'd like from them, can help you better tune the recruitment process to find the right person.

Take some time to consider their attitude as well as their aptitude, as there's more to working in a team than just technical ability.

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About the webinar host: Alistair Gibb

Alistair Gibb,
Senior Consultant,
Cedar Associates

About the webinar host: Alistair Gibb

Since 1999, Alistair has focused on helping people become more effective in their roles – on enabling them to change and make change, by creating those light bulb moments of discovery through which we identify alternative ways to do things.

He’s committed to raising the professionalism of management – and creating time away from business to think more strategically. In doing so, he helps businesses improve their performance through their people, by reducing stress and the time spent on solving problems.

His training and coaching is engaging, interactive and challenging – but also creates a safe space to share ideas and distil best practice.

With prior experience as a farm manager working in the Middle East, America and the UK, Alistair brings a practical approach and understanding of the challenges of management in the land-based sector.