How the framework can help you

How the framework can help you

The TIAH Capability Framework has been created to support you so you can make the most of your skills and career. It can also help if you recruit staff.
Alongside our framework we've also prepared a range of job role competency documents. We want your views on these and how helpful these documents are.

Our job role competency documents detail the specific roles and the skills and knowledge statements which form the competencies for that role. 

These have a number of uses including: 

  • Helping managers create job descriptions 
  • Staff appraisals
  • Helping careers seekers identify the skills and knowledge they need
  • Creating training plans 
We want to establish if these are useful, so have prepared an example job role competency document for a growing manager. 

Take a look at the growing manager job profile and download the job role competency document and tell us about your thoughts in the survey below. Remember this is the first version of the document.  

Your thoughts on the job role competencies