Resilient staff, resilient business

Resilient staff, resilient business

With farmers and growers facing ongoing uncertainty, we started our Business Excellence webinar series with a look at how you can strengthen your business.

Rachael Chamberlayne hosted Resilient staff, resilient business.

Farmers and growers are facing volatility across their businesses.

How to get started

Volatility can be unnerving for all business owners, but it's important to break down challenges and judge what you can do to tackle them. 

Doing this will allow you to quickly prioritise the areas where you can have the greatest effect and give you a clear focus.

Similarly, understanding your own objectives and the motivations of your staff can help you manage change in your business and inspire loyalty among your employees.

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Rachael Chamberlayne.

About the webinar host: Rachael Chamberlayne

"I have worked in knowledge exchange for the majority of my agricultural career, 14 years of which was at AHDB before leaving in 2021 to become a partner in our family farming business.

"Supporting farmer-to-farmer learning across practical production and business management, I specialised in business management, encouraging businesses to look at risk management, lean management, business strategy, and farm team/family communication.

"I led a small team tasked with providing business decision support tools for farmers and growers, benchmarking detailed enterprise physical and financial data, and identifying key performance indicators for different sectors. 

"I now manage my family’s livestock and livery enterprises. Coming from a background in grass and farm data, I take pride in analysing our accounts and benchmarking our data against our own five-year averages and external data. This allows me to get into the cost of production of each enterprise, understand its contribution to the overall business, and see where efficiencies can be made or value can be added."