Copyright notice

Copyright notice

This Copyright notice covers the rights for reproducing, sharing and using the content featured on our website.

We're working hard to produce content, resources and learning materials to help you thrive in a modern agriculture and horticulture industry. 

Additionally, we’re working with partner organisations across agriculture and horticulture to signpost to their content, resources and learning materials, crediting them whenever we do so. 

Consequently, our content falls into the following categories, with the copyright terms described for each:

Non members’ content and resources

For the most part, our content and resources have been designed to be widely used, which is why we’ve chosen to make it available under a Creative Commons licence.

This is less restrictive than a traditional, ‘all rights reserved’ approach.

As such, you can use, adapt, and re-publish content on this website however you like, as long as you:

  • Credit the source, preferably with a direct link back to our site where possible
  • Make anything you re-publish available on the same terms, allowing others to further re-use your work

Similarly, you are free to share our content and link to our website, including on social media, without specific permission, provided you are not portraying us or our service in a false, misleading derogatory, or otherwise offensive manner. 

However, you can’t make commercial use of the content on this site in any way, including by:

  • Charging for it
  • Using it any other way that would give you a commercial advantage

If you would like to make commercial use of any of our content, then you need to contact us.

Our Learning Hub and members’ content

TIAH reserves all rights on its learning materials found inside the Learning Hub and the Learning Hub itself.

Additionally, we reserve all rights to our webinar recordings and branded tool downloads, but these are provided for users to watch or print for their own benefit – and they should not be recreated or shared without written permission from TIAH.

Signposted content

We’re working with partner organisations across agriculture and horticulture to bring notable content, resources and learning materials together, making it easier for farmers and growers to find trusted content from a range of sources.

We take care to credit these organisations whenever we do so and it is worth noting that our use of these materials is always subject to the approval of the owning bodies.

Consequently, the copyright terms applicable to any external content, resources or learning materials is defined by the policies of the owning body. This should be available on their website.