Male student applying for job.

Example CV

Example CV

We've compiled some advice on how to create a CV that stands out when applying for your next job in farming and growing.
Male student applying for job.

The notes on this page form a guide as to good advice when completing a CV.

But you can download these notes overlaid onto the relevant parts of an example Farm technician CV, allowing you to relate these notes directly to the parts of the CV you're working on at any time.


Starting your CV right

Having a clear and consistent format is important, including a reference to the job title at the top of your CV.

Consider using a template or a CV builder. Several are available in Microsoft WordGoogle Docs, or for free elsewhere online.

Watch your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Use a spellcheck to ensure there are no errors.

Contact details

Provide a range of contact details.

Key skills

Your skills section should mention your transferable skills from unrelated roles or your IT capabilities.

Punchy profiles

This section should be punchy and positive. It should say how you have the qualities mentioned in the job advert you're responding to.

Your experience in work

Make sure your dates tally up and avoid employment gaps.

Start with your most recent role and detail any key duties which are relevant to the role you are applying for.

Simplify complicated work periods

Try to avoid any appearance of job-hopping. Where you've done a series of short roles, perhaps package them as freelance work, work experience, or contract work.

Additional experience

If neither your education or work experience is directly related to the job you're applying for, consider including some brief examples of times you've had contact with your chosen industry, and why that's made you believe you could function effectively in the role you've chosen.


You only need to add references at the end of the CV if specifically requested by the employer. However, it's common for employers to ask for at least one professional reference and one personal reference.

If you do offer any references, think carefully about who you use.

Keep it brief

Try to keep your CV to no more than two pages.

If the employer isn't convinced after two pages, four more won't help!

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