TIAH 'well placed' to support industry

TIAH 'well placed' to support industry

We've been recognised as being ready to support agriculture and horticulture in a number of areas.
We're ready to support skills development in farming and growing.
We're ready to support skills development in farming and growing.

Our work has been recognised by the Independent Review into Labour Shortages as being key to supporting farmers and growers.

Our key actions on this include:

Increasing sector attractiveness

We've already initiated a cross-industry careers action plan. This aims to improve information about farming and growing careers and attract more people into the industry.

The plan includes action to help farmers and growers improve their recruitment and retention of staff.  

We're working to raise awareness of the exciting careers opportunities offered by the industry. 

Workforce and skills planning 

Currently there's no clear, evidence-based understanding of the workforce capability and capacity. This evidence is needed to ensure people develop the right skills, and for businesses to predict their future needs.

Leading the conversation

You can find out more about our work on the labour market and careers development in agriculture and horticulture by visiting our policy and research page.

Upskilling the existing workforce

We aim to embed a stronger culture of lifelong learning and upskill the sector's workforce. Our services for individuals will be delivered largely through our new online service. 

Our research highlighted the need for managers and supervisors to be supported too. As such, we've developed our coaching for staff retention online learning path. We also have more leadership and management support planned. 

Informing the Shortage Occupation List 

We responded to the Migration Advisory Committee’s call for evidence regarding the Shortage Occupation List. It sought information on the roles being filled by migrant workers, their salaries and the implications of potential changes.