AgriLeadership Week 2023 - The Farmers Club Charitable Trust

The Farmers Club Charitable Trust provides support for managers and leaders in agriculture and horticulture to better develop their skills to better inspire, motivate and lead their teams.

Take a look at their options below:

Leadership courses

Developing Leaders
The programme assists those progressing towards more senior leadership positions to develop strategic thinking and the ability to take on greater responsibility.
Emerging Strategic Leaders
The Emerging Strategic Leaders Programme is for senior operational leaders who have the potential, ability and ambition to reach strategic leadership positions.
Experienced Leaders
This programme enables senior executives to become more effective by exploring their responsibilities and the challenges of strategic leadership.

Higher level management courses

Agricultural Educator Awards
These awards help those employed in agricultural education to widen and develop their expertise through study activities either in the UK or abroad.

Development opportunities

Snapshot Studies
Leaders in farming and growing can apply for up to £2,000 towards training to help them develop their skills under this fast learning scheme.