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Find out more about the range of courses available for leaders and managers in farming and growing.
We've broken down the courses available according to three levels - leadership courses, higher-level management courses and formal courses.

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Karen Halton instructing staff on her dairy farm. Picture: Ruth Downing.

Leadership courses

Challenge of Rural Leadership Course
Aims to develop the personalities and business acumen of delegates by addressing media training and discussions to help with self-confidence and communication.
Developing Leaders
The programme assists those progressing towards more senior leadership positions to develop strategic thinking and the ability to take on greater responsibility.
Emerging Strategic Leaders
The Emerging Strategic Leaders Programme is for senior operational leaders who have the potential, ability and ambition to reach strategic leadership positions.
Experienced Leaders
This programme enables senior executives to become more effective by exploring their responsibilities and the challenges of strategic leadership.
Leadership Development Programme
Three-week residential programme for those who are already in a management role and who aspire to challenge and empower their potential.
Leading and Managing
One-day interactive course designed to help those actively involved in the management and development of staff to improve their leadership and management styles.
Nuffield Farming Scholarship
Nuffield scholarships unlock individual potential through study and travel overseas, with a view to developing the farming and growing industries.
Rural Leadership Programme
The Scottish Rural Leadership Programme is designed to help rural business owners who have the desire and ambition to grow their business.

Higher-level management courses

Advanced Course in Agricultural Business Management
Two-week residential course, helping individuals develop an understanding and awareness of strategic issues to improve their own businesses.
Agricultural Educator Awards
These awards help those employed in agricultural education to widen and develop their expertise through study activities either in the UK or abroad.
Farm Management Skills Programme
Eight modules spread across two weeks designed to help managers develop their skills, motivate their staff, manage risk and prepare for the future.
MDS Programme
If you're looking to kick-start your leadership career and have some experience, a degree, or want to change career, then MDS is interested in talking to you.

Formal courses

Cranfield Global Online Stackable Programmes
Cranfield Global Online Stackable Programmes are a series of online courses which can be stacked into award-bearing creditable credentials.
Business Growth Programme
This programme is for ambitious owner-managers looking to develop a plan to take their business to the next stage with the help of Cranfield's business experts.
Executive MBA
This Executive MBA programme will allow you to join a community of skilled individuals developing the necessary know-how and confidence to stand out from the crowd. 
Senior Leader Apprenticeship + Executive MBA
The Cranfield Senior Leader Apprenticeship + Executive MBA, in partnership with Grant Thornton, aims to provide the full senior leader experience.
Transformation MBA
The world is going through immense change and uncertainty, and business leaders are looked to for responsibility. Are you ready to transform?

Development opportunities

Student and Young Farmer Ambassador Programme
People under the age of 27 are being invited to become farming champions and represent the younger generation as part of this programme from the NFU.
Snapshot Studies
Leaders in farming and growing can apply for up to £2,000 towards training to help them develop their skills under this fast learning scheme.
Oxford Farming Conference Inspire Programme
The Inspire Programme enables ambitious candidates from across the rural and agri-food sector to attend the Oxford Farming Conference for the first time.

Leadership and management resources

AgriLeader Grow
AHDB's AgriGrow materials are available for those looking to develop their leadership skills, although AHDB is not currently running leadership courses.
AgriLeader Labour Life Cycle
AHDB's Labour Life Cycle materials are still available online as a comprehensive toolkit covering all aspects of leading, managing and employing people.
AgriLeader Pro
AHDB's AgriPro materials are available for those looking to develop their management skills although AHDB is not currently running management courses.
TIAH's leadership materials
We are adding more learning resources to our service all the time, including online courses on leadership and management.

Course providers

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