TIAH Cultivators

Before launching our online services in 2023, we’re looking for farmers and growers in England to become TIAH Cultivators. Your input will help us make sure that our services are meeting both your and the industry’s needs. 


Why are we developing an online platform for farmers and growers?

Agriculture and horticulture are changing. Future farmers and growers will need new skills to remain profitable and sustainable. 

Our industry’s current approach to skills and training is disconnected. Finding new and existing training will be easier with TIAH. Users will be able to find relevant training and resources using their current job titles and career goals. They can also keep digital records of their training and achievements.  

Why are we running a pilot scheme?

To make positive change, we need farmers to help us to develop services for farmers. As TIAH Cultivators, you’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts with us as we develop. 


Who can become a TIAH Cultivator?

All active farmers and growers in England, especially those who are keen to make a difference to the industry.  

Why should you consider joining?

  • You’ll play a key part in shaping agriculture and horticulture skills and career services in the future  
  • You’ll get access to the platform’s member-only features before anyone else, including signposting, record keeping, and training 
  • It’s important to connect with like-minded individuals to support your professional growth 

If I become a TIAH Cultivator, what will it involve?

On average, you’ll only need to spend 20 minutes every two weeks testing, reviewing, and give us your views on a range of topics including the development of our website, online learning, and production of careers information to get more people interested in working in agriculture and horticulture.  

We know that farmers and growers are extremely busy, so we’ll not require you to take part in every session. 

As a reward for sharing your thoughts, you will be entered into a monthly prize draw. You’ll find more information about this upon signing up. 

What qualities will make a TIAH Cultivator?

For us to be able to offer the best products and services, we need people who’ll challenge the status quo. Secondly, you should have a strong passion and enthusiasm for building a profitable and sustainable future for our industries. 


How do you become a TIAH Cultivator?

You can sign up using the form below.  

Got a question?

We would love to hear it! Please contact Jasmin on 0330 174 4290 or [email protected].