How can your business benefit from T Levels?

How can your business benefit from T Levels?

A T Level is a nationally recognised qualification for 16 to 19-year-olds. It's a great way for businesses to help young people gain on-the-job experience.
Two apprentices learn about cattle feed. Picture: Goodluz/

T Levels require the student to spend a minimum of nine weeks working with an employer on an industry placement. 

A T Level takes two years to complete and is an option for students after they have finished their GCSEs. 

Benefits for businesses

Benefits for your business of having an industry placement student include: 

  • Developing the mentoring and management skills of your existing staff 
  • Improving the recruitment pipeline for your business 
  • Giving opportunities to young people from a wide range of backgrounds, leading to a more diverse workforce 
  • Bringing in new and imaginative ideas 
  • Building partnerships with local training providers 

If you want to offer an industry placement, find out more on the UK government website.

Core knowledge

A T Level in Agriculture, Land Management and Production will be available from September 2023. Students will learn core knowledge and skills needed for a range of jobs in agriculture, land management and production. 

T Levels equip young people with the key skills and knowledge required in industry. Progression routes for T Levels include higher apprenticeships, entry level employment or higher education. T Levels focus on 80 per cent academic study and 20 per cent industry placement, which is key to ensuring young people are ready to enter the workplace and their desired sector.