SWOT worksheet

SWOT worksheet

Identify the factors that will impact on your goals.
Completing a SWOT analysis allows you to explore the factors which will impact on the delivery of your goals, including your business' advantages and disadvantages.

In the four sections of the SWOT analysis worksheet, you should try to detail the following:

  • Strengths: What is working well on the farm?
  • Weaknesses: Where can you make improvements?
  • Opportunities: Where do you see opportunities for your business?
  • Threats: What are the biggest threats to your current farming system?

Once you've completed these four sections, it's a good idea to identify four key areas to focus on.

Identifying these points of focus should help you set out the larger objectives for your business.

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This SWOT analysis worksheet can help you identify factors which could affect the delivery of your business goals.