The value of CPD to employers

The value of CPD to employers

Ensuring your employees are keeping up to date, developing their knowledge and skills, and using them daily will make them more effective in your workplace. This will help your business be productive and sustainable.
Keeping your staff's knowledge and skills up to date can help drive productivity on your business.

As an employer, investing in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for your workforce is important. There are many benefits of CPD for your team, as well as your business.

Employers should be providing learning opportunities on an ongoing basis. Supporting your staff with CPD encourages and promotes a healthy learning culture and leads to a more fulfilled workforce. It will also help you retain valuable staff, creating a highly skilled, motivated and committed workforce.

Providing CPD can also benefit your business's profile and reputation.

Cost-effective improvements

Investing in CPD doesn't need to be high cost either. It can include making sure:

  • Your employees know CPD is valued and encouraged
  • Employees have time to do CPD and are encouraged to plan regular time spent on CPD that's in line with their role
  • Staff are listened to and supported when discussing learning and training needs
  • CPD is part of appraisals and reviews, detailing what's been achieved, how it has benefitted role performance/the business, and what new CPD needs are required

As your employees learn new skills, processes will become more efficient, and the business will become more productive. This can lead to innovation and ensure staff and the business stay up to date with important industry trends and developments.

When it comes to workforce planning, you may find that engaging your employees with CPD can fill the skills gap you may have otherwise had to consider recruiting for.

How TIAH can help your staff

Encouraging your employees to become a TIAH member is a simple way to make sure they take shared responsibility for their CPD. It allows recording of learning and enables them to share their record with you if you both wish.

This will also allow you to show evidence that you're providing CPD opportunities and recording achievements for your team. 

Consider your own CPD as an effective manager/leader, and take the time to share any learning with your team that you feel would be valuable.