What are T Levels? 

What are T Levels? 

A T Level is a nationally recognised qualification for 16 to 19-year-olds. It's a great way to become qualified while getting on-the-job experience.
Apprentice tending to vegetable crop. Picture: Production Perig/Shutterstock.com

A T Level takes two years to complete and includes a minimum of nine weeks working with an employer on an industry placement. 

T Levels are one option after finishing GCSEs. 

A T Level in Agriculture, Land Management and Production will be available from September 2023. Students will learn core knowledge and skills needed for a range of jobs in agriculture, land management and production. 

How to apply for a T Level

You can find out more about T Levels and search by topic on the UK government website

If you want to apply for a T level, your local college will let you know what you need to enter. 

T Level Transition Programme 

Think you might like to study a T Level, but need additional help to get you ready? The T Level Transition Programme is a one-year, post-GCSE study programme designed to prepare you for your chosen T Level. 

It will enable you to develop your English and maths, practical, technical and study skills, and provide work experience to help you excel in your T Level. 

Talk to your T Level school or college to see if this could be right for you.