Personal objectives form (aka Happy questions)

Personal objectives form (aka Happy questions)

Use this worksheet to identify staff motivations.
Understanding your personal motivations and those of your staff can be really helpful.

Knowing your motivations can help you set your own goals, and by working to make the most of the motivations of your staff, you can strengthen relationships in the team and increase staff loyalty to your business.

It's important to recognise the things that make you and your staff happy - including those things that aren't part of the regular working day.

As such, the first item on the Personal objectives form recognises those sources of happiness that aren't in a typical working day - so do record things such as time spent with family, travel, good food, and good company.

Later questions are more specific to your/your employees' job roles, but by recording the sources of happiness, enjoyment, and pride, you can better delegate tasks and reward great performance in meaningful ways.

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Record sources of happiness, enjoyment and pride to enable you to better delegate tasks and reward staff.