Apply for target roles

Apply for target roles

Once you've found a job that catches your interest and you have a better idea of what it involves, it's time to prepare your own application. 
Man applying for a job online.
Man applying for a job online.
Man applying for a job online.

Make sure you stand out from the crowd

First impressions last, so it's important to ensure your CV works as hard as it can for you. Take a look at our CV advice below and consider what you can do to add to your skills.
Make sure you stand out from the crowd when applying for a new position by following our crucial CV advice.
Work experience can be exciting and rewarding, but it's vital to most of your time on farm. ​
Our example CV provides more advice and tips on structuring your own document before you apply for a job.

Identify gaps in your skills and knowledge

Assess yourself against the job advert's essential skills. It's important to remember that most employers believe they will not find the perfect candidate, so don't be put off if you feel you don't hit all the essential and preferred skills. That said, you can show you're keen by taking the initiative to tackle any gaps in your knowledge.

We offer a range of training options to bolster your skills and knowledge.
Happy and healthy pig on farm.
This module looks at how improving animals' wellbeing can lead to safety, environmental and business benefits.
Farmer following tight biosecurity procedure by pressure washing his tractor.
This module details how you can cultivate good biosecurity practices to reduce risk from pests and diseases.
Health and safety is of vital importance in farming and growing.
This short module will introduce you to legislation designed to help you and others stay safe.
Belted Galloway grazing hills.
This module looks at the codes of practice and guidance relating to the five welfare needs of animals.
The risks in farming and the risk assessment process (for farm workers).
This module will give you an awareness of the hazards on a farm or horticultural production site.
This module covers the responsibilities you and your employer have regarding health and safety and why near-miss reporting is important.
This module covers the responsibilities you and your employer have regarding health and safety.
Identify risks and work to improve the health and wellbeing of staff on farm.
This module explores ways to reduce health risks and improve your health and wellbeing.

Keep in the know with farming media

Keeping on top of the news and developments in farming and growing  will also help you understand how the industry is changing. This will help you identify new opportunities and help you feel more comfortable talking about the sector and the challenges it faces.
Weekly magazine for British farmers, providing topical news, plus livestock, arable, machinery features and more.
Magazine for British farmers, providing news, business features, livestock, arable and machinery sections.
HortWeek provides critical information to help those in the horticulture and related industries secure success.

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