Researching jobs

Research phase

Before applying for a new job, it's vital you research the options available and think about your longer career goals.

We've collected a host of resources to help with this.
Young person researching potential careers while in a field. Picture: Shutterstock/Peter Wollinga

Identify your interests

When starting a search for a new job, it's important to start by asking yourself what you're interested in and understanding why. Armed with this information, you'll be better prepared to refine your potential job searches.

So, with this in mind, a great first step is to find out more about the great variety of jobs on offer. TIAH and Lantra offer detailed profiles on a range of typical jobs in farming, growing and beyond.
We have a great range of profiles and videos detailing the skills, responsibilities and salaries associated with farming and growing jobs.
If you are looking across the wider land-based and environment sector, then Lantra's careers hub is a great place to start.
National Careers Service
The National Careers Service provides a host of job profiles across a wide variety of sectors.

Find out more on the sector

Farming and growing can seem like a daunting industry to get started in, but there's a wealth of information and entertaining media available to give you a better taste of what it's really like.

We've created introductions to all the different sectors of farming and growing and outlined how the industry varies across the different regions of England in our About the industry section.

There are also plenty of TV shows, podcasts, magazines and radio shows looking at the real stories of farm life, too. 
Television documentary series about Jeremy Clarkson and his farm in the Cotswolds.
This BBC One show focuses on the people, places and stories making news in the British countryside.
Magazine celebrating all that’s great about rural life, including the food, wildlife, rural skills, traditions and more.
Weekly magazine for British farmers, providing topical news, plus livestock, arable, machinery features and more.
Magazine for British farmers, providing news, business features, livestock, arable and machinery sections.
Radio 4's Farming Today podcast provides the latest news about food, farming and the countryside.
ITV's show follows Kelvin Fletcher and his family to get a real insight into farming life.
HortWeek provides critical information to help those in the horticulture and related industries secure success.
You can find out more about a huge range of farming and growing roles by listening to Ben Eagle's podcast series.
This Radio 4 show aims to get to the heart of country life with a look at individual farming endeavours.
Channel 5 follows Clive and Amanda Owen and their nine children on one of Britain's most remote farms.

Challenge your preconceptions

We're looking at the common myths surrounding farming and growing in England - and shedding light on the truth behind them.
We take a look at the common myths which hold people back from exploring a career in farming or growing.
Two second-year students tell us about their experiences being on work placement at Saltby farm.

Search for your next job

The online jobs boards below all help farmers and growers advertise their available positions. 

Many farming and growing businesses also now advertise their jobs in their local and regional social media groups, too so it can be worthwhile searching on Facebook and LinkedIn, among others, too.
Specialist recruitment expert offering executive recruitment and job advertising services.
De Lacy Executive provides recruitment services in agriculture and agri-food in the UK and Europe.
Job adverts and advice for farmers and growers across the UK. Provided by Farmers Weekly.
Farming UK includes a searchable database of current jobs in farming and growing across the country.
Global job site with roles across a range of sectors, including farming and growing.
Jobs in Agriculture connects talented individuals with industry-leading roles. Powered by Farmers Guardian.
Recruitment solutions for the food, horticulture, agriculture and garden industry supply chains.
Bespoke and personal recruitment service for the fresh produce, agriculture and farming sector.
Redfox matches candidates to challenging management opportunities which offer high levels of reward.

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