Careers Research 2022

TIAH is on an exciting journey to become the home of skills, careers and professionalism in agriculture and horticulture.

In 2022, TIAH commissioned research from Family Kids and Youth (FK&Y), a leading global market and social research agency, was published. This research focussed on what barriers to entry may exist in choosing a career in agriculture or horticulture. 

This was a large-scale survey conducted across a mix of locations around England in late 2021/early 2022.  

A diverse range of secondary school-age children and young adults between 12 and 23 took part. Individuals who influence the young people’s careers choices were also involved, such as family members, teachers and careers guidance professionals. 

The summary report is now available to read. 


Why is this research important?

At a time when our industry is facing labour shortages, it is also facing an increasing challenge in finding people with the right skills. This challenge – and competition in the labour market – will only increase. 

This research shows us that we need to improve the key information we provide about our industry careers. We also need to demonstrate how working in our industry connects with the wider desires of young people and how our industry connects with their everyday lives. 

Taking this work forward

Despite all the great initiatives across our industry, the young people and teachers surveyed by FK&Y do not explicitly connect these to how they think about careers.  

We need to act in multiple ways to ensure that young people and those that influence them have positive and memorable touchpoints with our industry to influence their career choice. 

This is not something that can, or should be, achieved by a single organisation. As with other sectors, we need our whole industry to work together to showcase itself as an industry that offers a career of choice for a diverse range of people. 

TIAH will ensure that the recommendations of the FK&Y report are taken forward in our careers work. 

Alongside this TIAH is developing the baseline labour market information for our industry to ensure that the key information used in career choices is up to date. 

TIAH is also building the relationships at a national and regional level to ensure industry efforts align with government policy. This will help industry employers have the framework for successful engagement with local careers and skills strategies. 

TIAH’s call to arms for industry leaders

The FK&Y report provides the evidence of the continued need for the industry to be stronger by working together.  

Only by being truly transformative in our combined approach can we prompt a greater number of new entrants and their skills to enter our industry. 

We call upon leaders from our industry and the careers sector to partner with TIAH to co-ordinate industry careers focus and activity and join us at a Careers Roundtable event in September 2022 to kick start this work. Contact [email protected] for more information.