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Join Stephen Jacob and Jemma Naish as they discuss the events shaping agriculture and horticulture.
Leadership isn't confined to a title or position in agriculture; it's also about the influence you wield.
CPD is increasingly helping farmers and growers manage ongoing change, says Sarah Koppen.
Managing fields through relentless rain can be tough, but skills can fuel success, says Becci Berry.
We've joined forces with RABI to help more farmers and growers develop their skills and knowledge.
Opinions clashed on sustainability, diversification, food security and workforce issues at NFU Conference.
Managers explain how the TIAH Management Development Programme has helped them motivate their teams.
This year's conference proved to be an historic one while also underlining the importance of TIAH's work.
Alistair Gibb on how farmers and growers are making more of their time, thanks to leadership training.
Stephen Jacob highlights the key points from the EFRA Committee's January evidence session.
Oxford Real Farming Conference discussed the issues in balancing food production with environmental goals.
Inspire delegate Kendra Hall offers some insight into how she benefited from the programme.
Bovine TB was a hot topic at the Farmers Weekly Question Time event, held at the Welsh Winter Fair.
Farmers in England are making serious savings by cutting down on waste using lean management.
Stephen Jacob reports on the big discussion topics at the IAgrM Farm Management Conference.
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