The TIAH behaviours describe how you go about your job, rather than the tasks you do as part of your job. 
Behaviours are the actions you take to do your job well. They also include the way you respond to and deal with situations and other people.

These are sometimes known as behavioural skills. You can find out more about each of the seven behaviour areas of our framework below.

Our Capability Framework

Use our graphic to find out more about the sector-specific competencies and the core competencies in our framework.

Communicating effectively
Communicating for effective outcomes means communicating clearly and with integrity to share knowledge and build positive relationships.
Having a learning mindset
A learning mindset is the habit of reflecting on your experiences to learn from them and this can build your confidence when facing new opportunities and challenges.
Integrity means being honest and straightforward in all that you do. It means you live in line with your values, are honest with everyone, and always keep your word.
Respect means treating everyone with courtesy and politeness and considering cultural sensitivities and business practices when dealing with others.
Responsibility is being accountable for all your actions. This means not blaming others if things go wrong and being prepared to act when something's not right.
Safety is about recognising your responsibility to protect people from injury or harm. This includes yourself, your fellow workers, and anyone visiting your farm.
Trust means acting to show you, your business, and the agriculture industry in a professional and positive light - both in your work and your private life. 

Core values

We ask all TIAH members to agree to behaviours that support our core values. These core values are to be: 
  • Inclusive
  • Evidence-based
  • Dynamic  
By having a set of behaviours we share, we can help show the farming industry in a positive light and show others that our industry is a skilled and professional one. 

You can read about how we are committed to working in line with our core values in our strategic plan.